St. Jordi's Day in Barcelona – Friendly to Respectful Travelers?


Mi novia and I live in USA and wish to experience the unique romantic holiday that St. Jordi's Day appears to be in Barcelona. Books and roses. Super cool. This would be my girlfriend's first trip out of the country, so I want it to be a good experience if possible.

I stayed in Barcelona for 4 months in the early 2000's and really loved it. I've also visited several times since, though not since 2011, and never in the springtime. When I've visited in the past I've had absolutely no issues with anti-tourism or feeling unwelcome. I'm also the sort of traveler that appreciates culture, treats locals with respect and does not act like the typical "ugly" tourist.

Anti-tourist sentiment in Barcelona has been reported, and I understand the reasons why. I've also read that St. Jordi's in particular is a cherished holiday for Barcelonans. April is not typical tourist season so I think as visitors we'd be in the minority.

Can anyone living in Barcelona speak to the current attitude in the city whether we should be concerned about visiting during St. Jordi's, whether we'd be likely to experience any unfriendliness during this holiday? (I know there's no guarantees, always some people who are difficult etc etc. just interested in the general atmosphere currently).

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