Single permit/work permit again

Hi guys,
I'm in process of changing employers and I've faced with very uncomfortable situation.
So, the situation is:
- I've been reapplied for new work permit/single permit with my old employer.
- I've got new ID for 3 years.
- After I've found new job and they re-applied for work permit for me
- I've resigned of old job and we set up start day on 2nd of January
- The services, as was said to me from 3rd person, said that my new work permit is done and ok but it's needed to be attached to my single permit/id and because of that I'm not allowed to work yet.

Is it really like that? What's an absurd?
I can't work with new valid work permit because it's not attached somewhere?
I have really big money problem because of this...
What shall I do in such cases? they said I need to wait at worst till the end of February, while I'm already without a payroll for 1 month...
Can anybody clarify this for me, please?

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