about culture barrier, are you happy in your Interracial marriage?

hi  there,

    there must be some expat married locals, local man or local woman.

    is culture barrier still a big problem in  Interracial marriage today?
    I know in some area women can't sit together with man in the table for dinner if there are too may people in the house, reason is man likes drinking wine,and much less women drink in rural area. 

   what kind of culture barrier you hate most?

    are you happy in Interracial marriage?

   welcome to say something about your Chinese wife or husband

   best withes


I am very happy. Thank you very much. We've been together since 2003.

You are a lucky man, suffered your blog, it's brilliant, you know Chinese culture thoroughly.

Chinese family structure   is totally different from western style. child live together with elder parent even when they are adult.

for these divorced family, some of the family will never rebuild any more,
for the divorced father or mother worry about relationship is too complicate. and it's really so for child live together with parent even when child is adult.

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