Working abroad for 20 year old female

Hello everyone,
I'm 20 and university student in Turkey. As everyone knows, almost everywhere in the world has issues with immigrants' or even their own citizen's employment situation.
No need to explain why i would want to leave here but i'm pretty much aware no country wait for me to come and work in there. Especially considering me being 20 and coming from Turkey.
With this new year coming, i have changed a lot in my life, took so many risks and i'm so determined to leave here in 2020.
I know some about short amount of time works (4 week to 1 year), some volunteering programs for students. If i can't figure out working and moving somehow, my plan is travelling the world with people i meet and staying at hostels/with host families. But i would appreciate any extra suggestion.
All the research, i already do but for someone who is planning to leave needs more than some google links. If you do have some advices to me or you would want to share your experience with me, i would be glad.

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