Drought affected farmer in northern nsw,  looking at selling up and moving family.

Looking for information on purchasing farm


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From the 'G'day' I get that you're from New South Wales!

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G'day..   Hoping to find out some info on areas that would make good farming land away from the coast and rough pricing  per acre/hectare. Looking at a couple of hundred acres minimum with good soil,  abundant and clean water. 

We are organic farmers here in Aus and I am trying to convince a few friends to buy in with their families to create a small community of sorts.

From what I gather,  you can own land if it is coastal,  or 50km from border.  Is this correct?

Prax1s :

From what I gather,  you can own land if it is coastal,  or 50km from border.  Is this correct?

You are free to buy land without any restrictions.  So yes, you CAN own land if it is coastal, or if it is 50km from a border, if it is for sale and you buy it.

http://bienesraices-ecuador.com/en/as-a … in-ecuador

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Where is best place to look online that you can buy from owner direct?

OLX is a good place to get an idea


Firstly you would need to think what area you want. Coastal lowlands, low sierras, high sierras, Amazon basin.

Then if you want to be near foreigners or in local only areas. Whether you want access to a city near by or hours and hours from anywhere

Hectare price can vary from $500 to $100k, it all depends on the above.

What do you intend to produce? Where do you intend to sell it? Who do you intend to sell to? What income would you aim for?

Ecuador is basically a country of small land farmers, so if you intend to farm the same, your projected earnings will be the same (not a lot). You could aim for the foreigner market, but then you don't want to be 15 hours travel from the ex pat communities.

There are plenty of expats who thought they wanted the remote life, big hectarage, self sufficiency farming lifestyle, only to sell up after a few years due to lack of any socialising / community. The local campesinos are good people, but don't go thinking you will be making friends for life with them.

You can also use Locanto to look for land.  These are free ads often placed by owners although agencies use the service too.  Here for instance is the page for lots for sale in and around Quito:

https://quito.locanto.com.ec/Lotes-terr … venta/352/

Each larger city will have its own Locanto page.  Here are those for lots and land, for several cities:

https://cuenca.locanto.com.ec/Lotes-ter … venta/352/

https://santodomingo.locanto.com.ec/Lot … venta/352/

https://ambato.locanto.com.ec/Lotes-ter … venta/352/

https://ibarra.locanto.com.ec/Lotes-ter … venta/352/

https://loja.locanto.com.ec/Lotes-terre … venta/352/

https://machala.locanto.com.ec/Lotes-te … venta/352/

https://manta.locanto.com.ec/Lotes-terr … venta/352/

It looks like NSW has a few hundred wild fires burning. Those 4,000 people trapped on a beach with local towns burning really made the news here, along with Koala bears dying enmass. This is getting serious alright. Little wonder you are looking to pack up and relocate. What are your day-to-day temperatures where you live? And fire season is just beginning..

I know cattle and sheep, however,  I am thinking industrial hemp and selling it to contacts in Australia.

There is a lot of things you have brought up that will require some thought,  thank you for taking the time.

Great links,  thank you

The situation here is ridiculously bad,  the fires are everywhere but thankfully missed us by 8km. In saying that,  the season has just started and half of our farm is bush (forest)   Day time temp today was 36 degrees Celsius, and muggy.

Sorry,  should of quoted but answered Rome's of three in order.

Prax1s :

I know cattle and sheep, however

so somewhere in the sierras would be best suited for climate, as opposed to the hotter lowlands.  IS temperature / altitude a problem?

Being on the equator, temperatures are pretty much the same year round with variation mostly in rainfall / cloud cover. But up in the sierras although the days can be pleasant the evenings / nights can be chilly to out right cold and this will be 365 days a year, no "summer" to look forward to. But you will have ample water whether from rivers / irrigation / rain

,  I am thinking industrial hemp and selling it to contacts in Australia.

Can you grow industrial hemp in Ecuador, IIRC I read something recently where the law might be changing, but I have a feeling it isn't / wasn't or requires lots of red tape, which may be hard for you if not fluent in Spanish.

As for shipping it to Australia, have you looked at the cost? Only reason for asking is I've had Ozzy friends who always moan at the hassle and time and cost to get back home, quite a long way over that pacific. Even then, what about exporting from Ecuador? Do they allow?

I would warn against making assumptions, things that might be straight forward and obvious back home can be infuriating and nonsensical here. I've lost count of the times I;ve said "i cannot believe that is the way it is.... oh yes actually I can"

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