USA rules making investment advice difficult to live in Nica

I am a US citizen retired in Nicaragua, but I have my retirement investments in the USA.  My investment adviser in the USA has recently informed me he can no loner provide investment advice to me, as the US government has enacted rules that are restricting investment advisers from providing advice to anyone living in Nicaragua. 

Has anyone else encountered this issue?  Has anyone come up with a work around?  I have been told to start seeking alternate arrangements to hold my investments.

There are sanctions that have been imposed on persons / entities with ties to specific Nicaraguan companies.  The sanctions are not imposed on all financial transactions.

I suggest subscribing to the US Dept of Treasury email notification system regarding sanctions specific to Central America & Nicaragua.

Please see the following link for all the information relating to the sanctions imposed.

FYI:  I also own investment property in Nica and live in Florida.  We are still expanding our investments and have no intention of slowing down.

It now appears that the US government is not specifically "preventing" investment firms from providing services to me, but the investment firms themselves are setting the restrictions.  These were not investments being made in Nicaraguan entities, but rather were normal US based mutual funds - but some US investment companies do not want to have clients that live in Nicaragua.  They did not have this issue when I lived in Costa Rica.

I have now found a financial adviser that specializes in working with Expats all over the world - Thun Financial Advisers in Madison, Wisconsin.  They do not have an issue with my living in Nicaragua.

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