Expat community in Yeosu or around

Hello,  I normally will be moving to Yeosu at the end of December to teach English for one year. I know it is not one of the big cities and therefore, there are less chances to meet expats over there. However, I am taking a chance and asking if anyone knows any community or group online I could join in order to meet other expats ? I checked on Meetup and Internations and there isn't such a thing. Please note I am not on Facebook and would prefer to stay away from it because I'm against pretty much everything they are doing.

Are you in korea now?
You can join korea expats  from facebook and also you join (Goh traveling agency ) and can take you around korea for affordable price.
Happy new year

Thanks ! Much appreciated.

Hi there,

I'm moving out to Yeosu in a couple of weeks and am excited to meet expats / new friends as well!

I will be teaching English in Yeosu-dong area, what are you doing over there?

If you would like we could connect when we are both in the city?

Looking forward to hearing from you and I hope you're getting on well!

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