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Hi everybody
I am moving to a different district  in Riyadh and I called stc to transfer my internet, the guy at stc end asked me about an stc number outside my new house I told him the house is bran new and there’s no stc sign or number outside my door.  he insisted to get this number from the neighbors or anybody living nearby so he can continue with the transfer. My question is does this sound right and do any of you experienced similar situation. I mean I will establish a new service why cant the technician come to the address and figure out what number they looking for.   It is very ridiculous for me and till now I don’t have the service as I can’t bring myself to knock at random doors asking what is their stc numbers.

Almost every building has a box outside for telephone connections he is probably asking for the number written on that box. If your building doesn't have it check neighbouring building.

This is standard procedure for STC. It is made easier by installing STC App on your mobile and then using it to transfer the connection. The mobile App uses GPS location

Yes, I experienced this situation everytime relocated in other area. STC are normally asking Telephone Terminal Box (TTB) number near to your building entrance door; or a TTB number near (neighbor) to your building.

Does your STC line already transfered, If not, cancel your STC service and apply internet service from Mobily much faster  :)

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