Renting in Paris (as a freelancer)

So I just arrived in Paris a few weeks ago and, as I'm sure you can all imagine, immediately found the housing situation here incredibly challenging! After a few days of getting nowhere I was fortunate enough to be able to sublet an American girl's studio for 3 months, which gives me some room to breathe. I will need to look for somewhere else as of the end of January and so far it seems like there is just an insurmountable heap of obstacles in my path, so I was hoping someone may be able to offer some advice based on their own experience regarding the following issues/questions I have.

I work as a freelancer, which seems to be seen as essentially unemployed here by landlords and letting agents. Everyone wants the dreaded dossier, containing a selection of documents that I can't provide (payslips, French tax statements, a French guarantor). Are there any freelancers or self-employed people who have successfully managed to rent here in Paris?

Another option would be to look for a flatshare rather than renting my own apartment, which I am more than willing to do. However, I am unsure how easy this would be and whether they would all just demand the same documents that I cannot provide. Does anyone have any personal experience of finding flatshares in Paris without a dossier? Are they generally less demanding/formal in this respect?

I would be very grateful to hear any advice or about any of your experiences with this in Paris.

Many thanks in advance!


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