Keeping a horse in the Yucatan


I am thinking of retiring to the Yucatán eventually. Either Merida, Vallolodid or Bacalar. My dream is to finally have a horse when I do if I can afford it and logistically it makes sense. I won’t have a ton of money. I am wondering if it is expensive to keep a horse there? Are vet bills high? Can one find 1-2 acres of reasonably priced land and like a two bedroom house near any of the places I mentioned? Like within a half hour from the cities or towns?  Is it hard to find relatively cheap trustworthy labor to help care for a horse especially when I am away?  and hay to buy? What kind of costs can I expect? Are there local people who are knowledgeable and offer services like blacksmiths and horse vets etc? Or if too hard to keep a horse myself is there horse boarding nearby those places and how expensive is that likely to be? I would buy the horse in Mexico? Any info on that? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

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