HELP! Previous employer not cancelling work permit.

I was working in Malaysia under PVP (Professional Visit Pass) as a Software Engineer. The company had felt shady to me at times because of some of their activities especially related to hiring people and Visas.

But I got a PVP and worked with them for some time. (Just to be clear since some people get confused, I am not working illegally or anything. I have a legal PVP on my passport with 1 year validity) Later they decided to terminate my contract citing my underperforming as the reason which I felt wasn't true.

Anyways, I managed to get a new job quite quickly with another employer in Malaysia. The new employer needs to finish the work permit process before I can start working for them. And for that to happen the previous Visa i.e. PVP needs to be canceled first.

The HR at my previous company has been absolutely pathetic with extremely delayed responses and reasons which sometimes feel like excuses for the delay in cancellation. It has been over a month since I stopped working at this company. Initially, some work had to be done from the new employer's side. But once their part was finished it was time for these guys to cancel the Visa.

About 2 weeks back they said they had already applied for the cancellation online. The next step is getting the cancellation stamp on the passport or something like that. But they either not reply or say that the cancellation is still pending online before they can proceed to the cancellation stamp on the passport.

Moreover, they give conflicting reasons to me and HR at the new company. The new HR told me that the cancellation has already finished online. I am not sure what to do. My joining is getting delayed. The new employer really likes me and that is why they are tolerating this. But I don't want to lose this job due to the incompetence of my previous HR. What can I do? Is there anything I can do other than just waiting? Thanks!

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