Switching Work visa to dependent visa again

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I’m Prianca from India currently staying in Kuala Lumpur. Actually my husband got a job here in Kuala Lumpur in 2017 and hence I came on Dependent visa here . After that I found a job for myself and got a 3rd category work visa for the same.

Now my visa expires in Jan 2019. I am planning to leave that job due to some unfavourable conditions in the work place and find a job somewhere else (also willing to take a short break)

Now my question is from the entire year for 6 months I have paid 28% tax. they said I will get return after filling the tax.

So if in case I leave my job and unable to find a new job till January, then how soon do I need to change my work visa to dependent visa?

Is it easier or I need to exit and re-enter the country again ?

Will it cause any problem in getting back my 28% tax money ?

14th jan is the date I joined the company but my visa processing was done somewhere on 30th December I think. So which date do they consider for visa to end?

Apart from that the .org said that I’ll get my visa processing fee back at the end of the year. Hopefully that I’ll get .

Pls tell me the exact process how it will be. I would really really be thankful to you.

Priancaa 😊

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