MOE interview 26th October 2019

Hi everyone. People who attended interview on 26th October 2019 can discuss their status here.  :)

We did not get the call for interview
After that pre interview form via mail
We hv nt received any thing

For which post you applied?

Biology teacher

Interview for biology teacher was there on the same day. I think they are going to conduct more interviews because number of people who cleared the written exam was too low

You applied directly or through an agency?

When was ur interview

On 26th October. They are going to conduct interviews in November and December is what I've heard. Try to contact someone who applied through agency

Hi Phamiz
Is the moe going to conduct intrvw in india or uae  ?  Iam eagerly waiting for the intrvw since may 2019 in india .pls confirm the dates in india.
Thank u

I attended for business
No result yet
Did u get the result? CV was screened In on Oct 15 for CS/DT faculty

I also filled and submitted the pre-interview form, but no revert back after that.

My status shows verifying documents.

Anyone in the same boat?

Hello  Emailneeta
My status is also the same i.e verfication of documents and what is pre intrvw form it the 7 pages form sent by moe ?pls confirm..and when is the intvw in i india iam waiting since long ...


Its a link sent by MOE after uploading the documents.
There is a small online form, asking for some details and says a member of the recruitment team will get in touch soon. That's it

I have no idea about interviews in India. I am in UAE. I applied directly through MOE portal

Is there any other interview date for MOE in February? How do we contact the representatives of the selection process?

15 feb but only chemistry openings

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