Rights of Foreigners in any Work Place.

I'm more interested to know what are the rights of foreigners when working here in Cairo, Egypt.

I know in some cases, it may depend on nationality. 

As an American, it may vary but above all safety comes first.

I've had quite some bad experiences, currently undergoing yet another crazy one as an office assistant.

The average salary for Egyptians now is 2000EGP, which is nothing to the majority of us expatriates.

By law, especially concerning visa extensions if renting or working under contract, someone must provide those official papers and no further problems.

When it comes to salaries, the minimum wage for foreigners about 5kEGP.

You should not accept less than that.  For many valid reasons.

With that said, I'd like to know about our rights here in this country (Yes we still have rights), how to protect selves from harassment, overly demanding employer if he's often in the wrong and without HR.

I've recently discovered Egyptian women aren't required to open the doors for bill collectors they can get a male to handle such because harassment may otherwise ensue.

I've learned the hard way, and wonder for those who've lived here longer, what were your experiences, how did you deal and if you know of foreign rights here.

After I renew my visa, I plan to only deal with reputable people and accommodations, anything else will give you a world of trouble you don't really need.

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