Can I use my fire stick or roku stick in Ecuador?

Moving to salinas in 5 weeks and started trying to really narrow  down what not to bring. I am sure the answer is obvious, but not to this dinosaur😁 Will the typical internet connection  be fast enough  so buffering  will not be prohibitive.   Any experience  with this is appreciated.  Also how about hulu and Netflix?

I use my TV via internet to watch alot of stuff, decent but not perfect. The only drawback I have seen in some sights block Ecuador up address (rare). A VPN would solve this but I am new here so haven't tried. There is some limitation on the number of electronic devices you can bring with you in regards to taxes.

My recommendation:
get Netlife as your provider, get minimum 30mbps fiber optics.
If you have a multifloor home, bring a mesh wifi router system like google wifi (3 router points)
Bring Amazon fire stick or Roku.

I do this. Our system works amazing in Guayaquil, streaming for sometimes 6 people at once.

You will be fine and probably won't need an upgrade for 3 to 5 years

Thanks Brad. Gives me some confidence I will have some selection of English speaking TV. Do you use a service like Hulu or Netflix?

Great info Lebowski. Thanks but we plan on renting a furnished apartment for the first year or so, and I assume like most US homes they are wired for a local provider. And so I wonder is it likely I will have a choice of providers?
Also do you use a service like Hulu or Netflix. I am considering canceling my Service with them. Any input?

No, I do not. I did get NFL pass, have to see my Packers win. And I live in Cuenca so go to the football games here. Great fun

Thanks man, hope to have Cuenca  as our 2nd stop in Ecuador,  see you there.😁

Netflix is great in Ecuador, but a different selection of programs. Hulu doesn't work without a VPN. my wife and mother-in-law watch a ton  of Netflix.

Very helpful, I will cancel Hulu and keep Netflix. Another good step towards streaming the budget😁 Hulu live is $40 a month, but it gave me the golf channel and lots of news selection. I'll miss the golf. Thanks again.

Earlier posts talk about your girlfriend, did you get married or are you living dangerously?

Perhaps I misspoke earlier, been married, this time😂, for 10 years. And yes that is living dangerously.

Sorry was asking lowboski

Yes, she is now my Ecuadorian wife.

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