Varna...out of the frying pan and into the fire!

Hi Everybody....

I am swiss guy how left Switzerland looking for much better social contacts and start completely new life..i moved to Bulgaria 5 weeks first destination in Bulgaria was Plovdiv..very nice city with historical background, i liked everything in Plovdiv except that nearly no body speaks at least English, even Taxi drivers don't speak English... most of young generation in Plovdiv speak English, but these people i could meet just on the street when i got lost and wanna ask about directions and after 2 short sentences is end of discussion!!..i couldn't find these people in restaurants or bars!..i have been enjoying 3  " silent" weeks in Plovdiv!!:-)..i didn't speak more than 10 words in 21 days!..i am speaking 4 languages ( German, French, Italian, English) but non of these languages was helpful at all in Plovdiv! i decided to move as planned to Varna hopping that i can use my languages to communicate with people, since i know Varna is more touristic because of its beautiful took me 2 days to find a very nice apartment out of city center ( 10km ), near to beaches and resorts ( 5 minutes walking distance )..i thought it starts very well in Varna, but i am now in Varna since 2 weeks..and i have the same problem like in Plovdiv..NO ONE speak any language i can understand!...The city center of Varna is very nice area, beaches are fantastic but some times i really miss talking!..real talking!:-)) guys.. if anybody has an idea where to find new comer to Bulgaria except ( the english pup sundogs!:-) ) so please HELP...


There is a German woman who speak English, and of course, German, who lives in Varna. I don't recall her name, but I will search my records


Thank you very much, it would be nice of you :D

I am confused because in Plovdiv I have often come across people who speak English. Not taxi drivers (honestly, not taxi drivers in any Bulgarian city) but definitely people in bars and restaurants.

In Varna I also regularly come across people who speak English. Are you looking for friends? Or just service in English? Are you looking for of a certain age?

The older generation (over 40 or 45) has fewer English speakers as Russian was more in-vogue back then. But thirties or younger and there are plenty of English speakers all around. (That being said, I don't go chat up random people at bars and restaurants. If you're looking for friends rather than service, why not join some activities in the city? Dance classes? a sport? go to a meetup... the community teahouse has social events.)

Hi Kojidae

Thanks for replying. I am 34 years old guy who really travelled a lot around the world, till now i have been in 42 countries ( i will write my adventures in the last 4 years in a separate post! :)  ). Wherever i have been i never acted like a tourist, i always avoided staying long in touristic areas, i rather prefer to interact with natives, living in their places, eating what they eat, drinking what they drink ( sometimes it was terrible experience! :D ), i use their public transportation means as possible as i can, i even dress the way they used to..i have never had communication problems due to languages in any country till i arrived in Bulgaria!. I am normally very active guy, i have many hobbies, i am good football player, Chess player, i read a lot, i paint (abstract painting ), i like long walking in nature, i like cooking ( not always!) and inviting guests...i was thinking as soon as i find apartment in Varna, i'll cook and invite my next door neighbours, i found a very nice apartment but its in a new building where is almost no body there!!  :D...i don't hang around often in bars or restaurants..i am looking for friends who can share with me hobbies, going out, discussing about everything, changing experiences, etc....i really like the city Varna and i do enjoy as long as i can, but being always going in alone and going out alone is not very amusing! :D


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