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My husband and I have just moved to Mauritius.  I am working but my husband is here on a resident permit due to my work permit.

Can you confirm what his options are with regards working in Mauritius? As I will be going back and forth to our head office he would like to travel with me.  Therefore it might be difficult to get a job that would allow him that flexibility.

Is there a way he could do consultancy work?  I believe that you may have to earn a minimum of MUR60,000 a month is this correct?  If so what happens if you don’t?   Can you work for free to get experience in another field?  What about charity work?

Sorry for so many questions.

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I would advise you to go through the Working in Mauritius forum where you may find some helpful information for your particular situation.

I would also recommend you to go through the Mauritius guide, where you will find some further information.

This link will also help your husband : http://www.edbmauritius.org/work-and-li … ce-permit/
With regard to your question, if your husband finds a work in the IT section, his basic salary should exceed Rs 30 000 MUR and for other sectors, his basic salary should exceed Rs 60 000 MUR.

In which field your husband is looking for a job please?
For how long do you plan to you stay in Mauritius?

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