Potential Job Offer in Dubai: Recruitment Consultant! Advice pleaseee

Hey all, I’m new here so please be gentle 😉


I’m in the process of interviewing for a Recruitment consultant position in Dubai. Currently live in London and run a very successful desk (££££) despite being new to rec and having only been within the role for a year. Worked in sales prior to rec after graduating which helped but I digress.

I was contacted last week from a rec 2 rec via linked in. He actually contacted me six months ago but wasn’t ready to make the jump. Anywho, working and living abroad has always been an exciting prospect for me and I enjoyed dubai from a previous holiday / Dad used to be there a lot too and supports the prospect. I do a lot of solo travel and we moved around a lot as kids so tend to get that’s “itchy feet” feeing every other year!

One thing has led to another and I have passed screening and my first telephone interview with the Director for the opportunity in Dubai. I have a second tel interview on Weds and my understanding is that should I pass, I would progress to a Skype interview and then face to face in London

My concerns at this point are as follows (and I would really appreciate the expertise of this forum to help me out):

1) my recruiter has put me over to roles at 16,000 aed  per month. This is before bonus - can I live on this realistically? I don’t know anyone living in Dubai but would aim to flat share in popular expat areas such as Marina etc.

2) the whole reason behind my move is a better standard of living and earning potential. I would like a place with access to a pool / gym and no more than 40 mins commute  to business district. Is this feasible?

3) should I secure the role, my rec 2 rec has told me that the company will sort the heavy lifting in terms of visa / ID / opening a bank account. When I asked about flights cover and hotel accom whilst I find my feet, he said this wasn’t standard any more for Recs moving to Dubai and it’s a test of your commitment to spend this yourself. Is this correct or should I push back if offered the role?

4) I have next to 0 commitments in the UK, no mortgage / 25 years old. Am I better off closing my English bank account altogether or are you always better off keeping it open and putting money and savings over into the Brit bank account? I know about the p85 process to avoid being wrongly taxed on earnings. But any advice on this would be welcome.

5) BIGGEST CONCERN. The company won’t be sourcing accom for me. My rough plan is to book an Airbnb for three weeks to allow time to source a flat share and get paperwork started. My concern is: how will I pay rent if I don’t have an account open in Dubai - is cash readily accepted?
I currently pay my landlord here in London in cash but that’s a whole other story!

Finally: how much money do you think I should factor in to cover flight / Airbnb / transport to work / 1st months rent / general living before my first pay cheque in Dubai?

If you can help on some but not all the questions I’d be delighted to hear back

If you’re a recruiter in Dubai I’d love to hear from you also. Any industry knowledge would be appreciated in terms of my coming interviews. It is likely I would be working professional support / HR sector

Thanks all! 😊😊

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