Reapplying for a Z visa


I have been leaving in Hangzhou for the past two years. I finished my contract in July and have been back in the UK for roughly five weeks now. Due to various commitments I have only just been able to start reapplying for jobs in China.

My questions are:

My degree was authenticated back in 2017 by the UK and Chinese Embassy. I assume this will not need re-doing because it's the same certificate?

Secondly, unfortunately I think I already know the answer to this..... will I need to go through another DBS check and get that authenticated in the UK ,and then again by The Chinese Embassy? I only ask because I have been living in China for the past two years, so surely if there was any level of criminal activity on my part, the information would be stored in China?
My original DBS was carried out and authenticated by both parties in 2017.

Finally, I am aware that there have been some changes regarding obtaining a Z Visa. Do you think a TEFL certificate will also need authenticating by both parties?

I just want to get ahead of the process and have documents ready for the visa. If anyone can advise me on this I'd really appreciate the help. Thanks

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