Again some queries related to 14 days limit

Hi All,

I am Arun and I entered Malaysia by 22nd March 2019 where I noticed a tax deduction of 28% in my salary which I understood that it is flat for any one here in Malaysia for the first 182 days as an expat.

But the questions what I have are as follows:

1) These 182 days are for the year starting from Jan 2019 to Dec 2019. In my case, I will have to stay till 20th September 2019 for the 182 days to complete. But I have to travel out of the country in July 2019 for 4 days, so technically adding 4 days I would reach 24th September 2019 which would be my correct 182nd day in Malaysia.

On October 2019, after the completion of this 182 days for the tax year, I will again have to be back to my country for another 3 weeks.

In this case, when I declare my tax in March 2020, will I still be flagged as resident as for the total would reach 25 days of personal leaves for me from March 2019 to December 2019?

2) Again, if I have to move out of Malaysia once and for all, say by April 2019 then will I have to pay a tax of 28% for Jan 2020 - April 2020?

3) In general, as an expat how many personal leaves I could avail in a tax year considering this 182 days? Will my status as a resident reset every year to a non-resident by the month of January?

4) What is the recommendation for taking leaves as an expat?

I know these questions are pretty challenging, but my situation is exactly the same and hence any good heart that could help me out in this regard will be highly valuable.


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