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Hello, my name is Tom Fellows, I'm an English teacher living and working in Cartagena, Murcia with my Spanish wife and baby. I am in the early stages of producing a language learning podcast and I need native English speakers to come onto my podcast as guests to talk about their lives and careers and things like that.

The podcast is designed specifically to help students practice listening to real, everyday English conversations and interactions. As a guest you would answer questions about your life and career and hopefully we would have an interesting and engaging conversation. I would send you the questions in advance so you could select the ones you’d like to discuss and I could either come to your house or you could come to mine, whichever suits you. If you had anything you wanted to promote on the podcast that would be fine too. I imagine we would be recording for about an hour and from that I hope to produce a 40 minute episode for my podcast.

My project is completely well-intentioned and respectable and I believe it will be a really useful learning tool for students of the English language.If you know of anyone else who might be interested in being a guest on the podcast please forward them this email or let me know their contact details.

I’m also hoping this might be a different way for me to meet and socialise with expats out here in and around Cartagena as I don’t really know anyone apart from my wife’s friends and family.

Many thanks

Tom Fellows

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