Dear All,

This is Vishal.
I am working in a company here in muscat since 3 years. My Visa is till 30th of June 2020.
Few days back on 26th of May 2019 my employer told me that he wants to discontinue the contract with me i.e. after 12 months. So it finishes on 30th June 2018.
Because i was about to leave for my vacations in June both of us agreed to have vacations from 1st june to 30th june and finish the employment. He also offered me that i will get NOC. And both of us signed end of services which includes a line at bottom, "in addition vishal will get a N.O.C. once the new employer is known".Now he is telling me to book the ticket first and i will give u the noc at the airport or later.

This man is famous for cheating. Generally he does same thing with his employees leaving. He keeps the employee waiting for his dues till the departure and then pays him by cheque on last day by afternoon so the banks are closed.

In my case, because he told me that i will get NOC, that is why i agreed to sign end of services paper. I have offerfrom another employer here in muscat. I have bought a car which is on EMI. if he doesnt give NOC, I have another offer in another gulf country but then i am stuck because of car loan. Please Help.

I have few questions.
1. Can i claim the NOC on the basis of this statement?
2. Should i without waisting my time;  forget about NOC and join another in another GCC country?
3. If i want to join in anther GCC what should i do with my car as i dont have money to pay off. As it is only 1 year used.

Hi Vish5451,

Most unscrupulous employers like yours thrive on the diffidence of the expatriates.

Do not give in to his bullying. Refuse to leave the country without getting the NOC in your hand and until all your dues are settled in full. If you leave without any, you will not get anything later for sure. Out of sight is out of mind.

Tell your employer that it was not you who decided to leave in the first place. Make sure you are not forced to exit simply because your employer is putting pressure on you.

Stay firm and tell your employer clearly that without the NOC and the full and final settlement you will not leave the country.

Also let it be known to your employer in no uncertain terms that if push comes to shove, you are ready to lodge a complaint against your employer's actions with the Indian Embassy and with the Ministry of Manpower.

If you show resolve and face your employer with determination, your employer will back off, since you are in the right, and he is not.

Thank you so much sumitran for the advise.

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