Property market in the UAE? Prices vary from county to county

Hello internet, hello expats,
im out from the picky ruled and decent organized europe. Some thing
here is really overruled.....

i'm trying to settle to the UAE and to stay shure i checked first some of
(my known) portals for housing and land pricing in the different counties
of the UAE.
That means only free hold parcels and appartements or houses.

I need detailed information on why the prices for land and land ownership
vary so much in different regions and cities. From low to high;
Fujira-Ras-al-Khaima-Ajman-Abu Dhabi-Dubai, maybe i left some out as
those along the Indian ocean coast line.

Why can you often see in advertisements that only is rented out to single,
Indian males (I am not a Indian, probably won't rent to them). grins

Can I buy land in the uae before I have any kind of visa - I don't want to
start a company for it because I intend to stock a large part of my living
costs from the rental profits. If they pay....

Is there tenant protection in the uae? Out of sheer curiosity.

What do you have to consider when buying land property from landlords?
Agencies are usually overpriced after all, as my comparisons have shown.

Construction costs for a family home; on a free hold parcel; with my own
craftsmen; and ready to make from a house plan with static- and material
calculating. The most lower priced apartements and houses (to 250'000
AED) in the UAE are built like a rabbit hutch, and furnished & finished in
poor quality!
So i strongly tend make my own. Better, and probably cheaper. Sometimes.

From which country of origin are the craftsmen mostly supplied?

Can on agrigultural dedicated land built a family home if the seller has just
something on like a farm house? I mean land that is dedicated as free hold.

Thank you

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