Employer Warnings - Any Tips?

During my time in Phnom Penh, I have worked for some good people but just recently I have worked for a company that almost makes me almost want to leave Cambodia.

In this topic, I am hoping that other expats can chime in on some companies/bosses that they have difficulties working for/with. You do not have to go into details. Just warn other expats so that they can be sure to ask the right questions in interviews and go in with eyes open. Remember this is VERY subjective. So PLEASE take the advice here with a grain of salt and make your own opinions.

My contribution:

I warn all potential teachers that GMIS (Grand Mount International School) has some practices and policies that are "different" from other schools that will make working there challenging and go far beyond the "TIC" saying that we use. If you are considering working there, PM me for details.

Good luck everyone

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