Older free-standing homes in Danang still exist for rent?

I’m planning to move to Danang in December 2019, planning to visit at least twice before that. Have been once for 5 days in April 2019. I’m interested in renting an older free standing home, rather than an apartment. I’d like a garden space and to be in an area with a lot of mature trees, in the yard ideally. I do not know if such properties even exist in Danang, or possibly Hoi An or anywhere between. If such options may exist, can I get some recommendations as to what specific areas I might begin to look? And if anyone has any specific houses for rent, one year lease extendable, I’m very inerested. I’d like a multiple bedroom home, with possibility of converting to partial use for Airbnb, but that is not essential. Would need separate entrance for that option. If I am asking for the moon, let me know gently please. Thanks, C.J.

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