Job search sites in Croatia Dubrovnik

Hi all,

I recently visited Dubrovnik and loved it there.

I now want to explore the possibility of working full-time in Dubrovnik, searching on Google it seems very difficult to find an actual job search site for Croatia (Dubrovnik).

I am born and raised in the United Kingdom, however, hold both a UK passport, and an Ireland passport, therefore no working visa required.

I would like to explore career opportunities in the Administrative/Data Entry/Office field. I do hold a Bachelors degree in Business Information Technology.

My native and home language is English, however, I have started to learn basic Hrvatski, and will continue doing so (I am enjoying doing so!)

I just wondered if anyone had any input on the best places to find jobs.

Please note I am aware that there is a job posts page, however, it seems a little idle.

Havala / Thank you!  :cheers:

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