Where to keep my money?

Guys in India.  I've got a serious issue...

I'm trying to find a safe haven for my money.  This is money paid to me by the US gov't every month, and I am retired on this money.

I have tried to do an NRO bank account here, and after a number of incidents on the part of a nationalized bank, I am finding that a foreigner from the US can only have an NRO FN (foreign national) account.  This means no FDs or any other instruments are available to the foreigner.  Only an NRO savings account.  The problem IS that the account is closed/deactivated after 6 months, which is absolutely untenable since I stay here permanently (stay here six months, leave for a few days, and come back again for another six months, etc.).

I am concerned about having cash and gold in my residence for fear of theft.

I am concerned about having my money in a US bank account in the event of confiscation through a bank collapse "bail-in."

Where else can I put my money?  Multi-currency accounts don't seem to be an option for India.

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