China Business visa

Hi Can anyone advise on applying for and obtaining a China Business visa from the Chinese Consulate in HCMC or possibly recommend a local visa agent who may be able to assist.
I am having difficulty contacting the consulate and the website is fairly vague...
Australian PP holder.

Thanks so much..

Be warned..…..applying of a Chinese Business visa [ and it seems tourist visa for that matter] in HCMC is an absolute nightmare to the point of sheer frustration.
Following my research and obtaining all of the correct documentation from both the Chinese consulate website and the business host in China [ Letter of Invitation ], I proceeded to arrive at the consulate at 0730 this morning to be greeted by a queue of over 200 fellow visa hopefuls...

As the line crawled along at snail pace under the scorching morning sun, it seemed as if 30 or 40 front runners had gained entry by the 11 o'clock bell, when everyone was gruffly dispersed by the security guards and told to "try" again tomorrow......I had since found out the queue leaders arrived between 1 and 3 AM this morning to ensure a "foot in the door"

To aggravate my situation even more, each " visa agent" I made contact with throughout the afternoon proceeded to quote conflicting requirements for obtaining my said visa ...{ at this point it should be noted that the M Business visa requires the least amount of documentation than all other types of visas] and hence advised that I arrive at the consulate at 1 or 2 am tomorrow morning, join the queue, to hopefully gain entry by 11...….

I am not moaning or complaining....just sharing my story with the hope of saving others the anguish...…

Remedy! Contacted Singapore Visa Agent so boarding a 0700 flight to singers to hand over all docs, PP with the promise of a 2 day turnaround...…

Sounds too good to be true.....:)

That's terrible.  Fortunately I got my China business visa in the US before I ever moved to Vietnam.  I did it over the internet with an online agent, less than $200 for a ten year business visa.

Smart move
Home for me is Vung Tau so i have to play local rules haha
All under control now in a roundabout way :D

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