Flatshare / Colocation

Hey all,

I'm planning on moving to Paris over the next few months and I'm trying to find information about how flatshare work there. My plan is to organise short-term accommodation for the first month or so and try to find somewhere to live during that time. I was wondering if anyone had much experience looking for a room in a flatshare in Paris? Some things I'm wondering about are the following:

I've heard that many people want evidence of a regular salary, sometimes requesting three previous payslips. I'm planning on looking for a job once I get there, so even if I find one before I get a place obviously I won't be able to provide much evidence of pay. Is this likely to be a problem?

I've also heard that I may be asked for a guarantor and this will have to be someone French, not someone from the UK. Is this true?

Also, if anyone has any advice about finding cheap short-term accommodation that would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance!


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