We are the UK looking to live in Anguilla All help and Tips plsxx

Good Morning
My name is Danielle Wicks
My Husband and I are looking to live in Anguilla
We are from the UK and have never been to the Island before

We are looking to come out in the next 3 weeks to stay on the Island
Can you recommend Popular Areas to live for expats

We are putting together our Expenses, so we can budget what we need to live in  Anguilla 2019

Could you be so kind to provide us 'Costs to Live in Anguilla for 2 People

Rental Costs
Electricity Water/Gas Costs
Health Insurance
Food Shop per week
Dining out at local restaurants
General living Money
2 Cats Pet food/Vet Bills etc

Do you recommend that we also buy a Car or rent a car

Apologies for all the questions,,,,,

Thanks for your help

Danielle Wick

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