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Hey everyone...I am with my dog (large) in Tuguegarao. It's just not working out with my girlfriend and I need to get out of here. I've been here a long time. A long time ago, I flew in to Manila with my dog from the US. Privately transported (her cousin) to here with my dog. I need to leave soon.

Any suggestions on getting my (large) dog on a private bus (that's allowed) or flying back to Manila? I'm hoping to get out within the next few weeks. Advice please!


You can hire a private car from Tuguegrao to Manila or you can call/ go to bus stations there and ask if you can travel with your dog. Just be prepared to pay extra (or offer the bus company to pay extra) as if you were paying for an additional person to have the crate beside you or near you.

Well, for better or more likely worse, you can now transport your pet on jeepneys and busses.
https://philippineslifestyle.com/pets-a … eys-buses/

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