Healthcare and Health Insurance for Americans living in Lebanon

My wife and I are in the very early stages of looking to move to Lebanon and one of my biggest concerns is the health of my family.

We have two young boys under the age of 6 and as you can imagine I want to ensure they have the best life possible that is why I want to show them the world give them experience that many American kids do not get to have. However, their health is more important than that.

So my questions are, as an American:

>What approach to health insurance did you take? Was it expensive? (If that's too personal I am sorry did not want to offend you)

>Do you have kids or even married?

>What is healthcare like in Lebanon?

I do not want to move to another country and the only thing that I am worried about is the health of my family instead of having fun and enjoying the memories before they pass.

Thank you for reading my question. Take care

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