Customs: Taxes& Fees?

Hello all. I am "retiring" to Portugal.  I have already gone through the process of getting a NIF, the bank account, the apartment, etc.  And now I have my residence Visa.   I have reduced what was a cluttered life down to about 12 moving boxes and some luggage with clothes.  I would like to have my "stuff" with me in Portugal. The boxes contain photos, books, clothes, some bedding, etc. Just my "stuff". There is no great value to my old shoes and some towels from 2002, but I am being told that if I mail it or ship it -- I need to declare replacement value (much higher than worth).  I was also told that I will likely be charged about 23%  tax and fees through customs on that higher value. Does anyone have any experience with this?  Maybe a reference of someone who might help me navigate through this? I also heard there is an exemption for personal items, as well as a one-time moving exemption. Anyone? Anyone?  Bueller?  Thanks.
I appreciate any and all help!

Hi La James
It’s my intention to retire in Portugal as well.
I have bought property in Vila do Conde north of Porto.
I am seeing a lawyer in Porto at the beginning of May
and will ask the questions you have raised and will report back online
I see from your post you obtained the retiree visa already?
As I’m at the beginning of this process is there any thing I should look out for?
I am particularly concerned about staying in Portugal for possibly four months waiting for the appointment?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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