Does tenant have to pay for agent fee when upon confirming a listing after viewing which was found by tenant herself? Anyone could help with this? Thanks.

If you view through an Agent for a property in KL then the owner pays the Agent finders fee and tenant pays the lease agreement fee.

Deposit will be paid by the tenant and is 2. 5 months rent and then 1st months rent in advance =3.5 months rent to move in plus tenancy agreement cost.

In Penang the finders fee is shared by owner and tenant.

Local rules will apply in JB

Walk away if you don't agree the terms and check with other agents

Hi there,

Thank you for reply. :) May I know what do you mean by view the property through a agent means? I found the listing through propertyguru and contacted the agent of the listing for viewing. Does this way of doing, the tenant have to pay half month rental as commission to the agent?

Because I've already went down for viewing and might want to deal but the landlord/ad listing agent told me that upon dealing, the amount that have to pay upfront will be 1 month advance rental + 2 months advance rental deposit + 1/2 month advance utility deposit + agent commission (1/2 month rental) + RM300 Tenancy Agreement.

I don't understand why do tenant have to pay landlord agent half month rental as commission. May I know is it true that tenant have to pay landlord agent half month rental as agent fee?

Thank you.

Forgot to mention it's in Johor Bahru. I'm not sure about the Malaysia Property ruling. Thanks.

Property Guru is just an advertisement portal and if you contact an agent to view then the property, JB rules apply regarding commission to the Agent.

You have not Found the property. You have answered an advertisement.

If the advert was placed by the owner (very rarely) then it's a different matter as no agent involved.

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