Visa for Vietnamese girlfriend to visit USA

You mentioned near the end of your post,  "wait three years then come to US"..Are 3 years a required amount of time after a Vietnamese marriage for a US citizen to then bring spouse back?  I think I've heard that before.  Hope you can shed light on this.  Thanks

OK,  so the 1-130 is the documentation needed if I, the US citizen who married a Vietnamese woman in Vietnam,  wants to bring her back to the US.  And this process takes a minimum of 1 1/2 years........I am not sure,  but I've heard if I marry here in VN,  she can come to US after 3 years of marriage, not sooner.  Just something I heard but I have not read about it. ?

Honestly I don’t know.  It’s based on previous answer to this post that the process of getting Vietnamese wives legal papers to the US take about 3 years.

Hey Schleger, whatever you do, just don't have a kid yet until everything settles in USA.

schleger :

I see 2 other options: the Fiance visa route where she could visit US and we'd have 90 days I'm order to get married. Then she could stay in US..... Or,  and this is where I need clarification, what if I,  US citizen marry her here in VN?   I sense it would be easier and cheaper..... Then, could she (as my wife)  simply return with me to US? I appreciate your feedback.

Check all posts by vndreamer on the K-1 fiance visa.  He did it recently and knows the ropes. 

As for getting married now, you can't "simply return" to the US.  If you made the I-130 application the day after you got your marriage finalized and the documents translated, you are still looking at minimally a year and a half, if all goes as planned, before your spouse touches the ground in the US.  As one who has gone that route, I would like to strongly suggest you look seriously at the K-1 route before you commit to marriage in Vietnam.  If you do marry, the 1-130 is the only option.

I can confirm, our K-1 visa took six months from the date the papers were filed to the date she had the k-1 stamped in her passport.  I recently helped another friend with a VN K-1 visa and I think his took 8 months from the date of paper filing to the date she got the visa stamped in her passport.  She arrived in the USA last week.

Thanks for the info!

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