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Dear  Expact Ppl.


I have been in Tan for a couple of years before I left to another part of the world. now I have an opportunity to join in another organisation in Tanzania. its been 4 years I was out of Tanzania.

though I have some questions

1) Ever Since My Earlier Work permit Expires, Do I have to obtain NOC from the Previous Employer?

2) Shall I get On Arrival Business Visa?

3) Applying for New Work Permit with the New Organisation after previous Work permit Expires, does any problems attracts to avail new Work Permit?

Apart from my question, any important Input is welcome.




Hi Nikhil,

I invite you to have a look at the articles about Work in Tanzania below by following this link : … _work.html

You may find some interesting information that will help you.


Priscilla team

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