Enqury about IPA expire date

hi all
These is druv from india,i got job offer in singapore for S pass, and my IPA is expiring on 5th March 2019.
My medical examination in sinagpore is on 25th  feb 2019.
In my IPA it is written that my employeer should provide me with my S pass before 5th March 2019, if not i need to leave singapore.

can everything been  done such as medical clearance and s pass  within a week.

Medical check up can take few hours, they will report to MoM. Your employer has to fix an appointment online with MoM. On appointment date, you visit MoM carrying your documents (your employer should give you print copy of the appointment date & time), once you have finished your formalities (providing finger print, taking photo and documents verification), MoM will give you print out of acknowledgment of receipt of your documents. This letter will allow you to stay in Singapore while waiting for your pass, which may take few days to a week to receive.

So before 5th March, you should visit MoM to complete the formalities. Good luck

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