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Hi all, I am about to move to Vietnam to teach at ILA and really looking forward to it. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone is knowlegeable about the medical test. What is it that they test for? I am generally in good health but I have what's known as a "fatty liver" Do they perform liver function tests? If not, what do they actually test for? I would greatly appreciate any feedback on the subject.
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I don't think it would include that. If I recall correctly, it's mainly for things like STDs and other communicable disease.

I would suspect HIV, Hep ABC, TB, would be on their list. Surely HIV.

Have you discussed your question with ILA?  As fatty liver disease is a non-contagious condition it should not be a problem.

I looked at my physical and there was an Albumin (negative) but no AST/ALT results listed.  Even these tests would not lead directly to a diagnosis although they might indicate a problem.  I don't think there is anything to worry about as far as the physical.  Of course you are already aware of the long range prognosis and actions that you can take to improve the situation.

Also they will more than likely do some basic drug tests.

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Also they will more than likely do some basic drug tests.

Not that I could see on my report.  If memory serves me right (it often does not   :huh: ), others here have reported that the HIV test may have been dropped.  One thing to remember is that the things tested for may vary from city to city and from hospital to hospital.  I suspect that my physical had many tests that the government really did not care about.  It is probably best though not to try to pick and choose but to simply go to the location designated by your employer.

They might just wave their finger at you...

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