Tips on the best means to venture Sri Lanka

I am travelling to Sri Lanka this Feb and it's my first time.
Can someone perhaps give me an itinerary for a five-day trip?
I wish to ride the Ella/Kandy train. 
I like walking or riding a bike to roam the countryside. 
I am more of a contemplative guys so no night out activities for me.
Would prefer activities close to nature.

It is a pleasure to know that you like SL so much. Here you can get an insight about the Main line
I have heard that it is a bit hard to get a seat some periods of the year so you may can contact the railway and make your reservations in advance. … on?lang=en

Five days is not enough time to see the country so it will be a bit stressed journey, Anuradhapura is a fantastic old town to explore with a cykel. First night in Colombo, second night in Anuradhapura, third night in Kandy, from Kandy you catch the Main Line to Ella and back to colombo and maybe afternoon before you depart you will see little bit of Negambo. Sometimes you may have to change from train to buss to catch the train again. I hope someone who livs in SL will help you. Have a nice journey!

Thank you.  I shall consider the places you mentioned :-)

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