Looking for corrosion services in my car..!!

Hey, I have a car which is of a few years old. This car was gifted by my grandfather to my father. This car is our ancestral property which is passed on to generations. Now the car is under my ownership. As it is a more valuable asset of our family, we take continuous check-up and maintenance work. One of my friends said that, when cars reach a certain age, they corrode causing rust stains here and there. Inspecting for and working on rust is required to boost cars longevity and looks. He suggested doing frequent checkups by corrosion service company which can provide a good working condition of the car. Can anyone help me to find corrosion companies in Ontario which proffers the best services at a reasonable price? I'm looking for a firm which completes their work on time and no lag in delivery. If anyone had any experience with such firms, please feel free to share it with me. It would be a great help.

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