International School in the Algarve and other tips

Hi all,

new to this forum and hoping for some advise. We´re moving to Portugal in the summer and as our older son (7) is already at school we´d want for him to continue in an international school. We visited the one in Porches and liked it very much, but I discovered there´s another one in Vilamoura which also seems lovely (on paper). Can anyone tell me if one is better than the other...?

Also, our younger son is 3, so would like to put him into a local kindergarten/nursery for better integration. Seems these are free or very low cost (anything is low cost compared to London though...:)), but are they easy to get into, i.e. do I need to start looking now...? Any recommendations in the Albufeira/Vilamoura/Lagoa area...? I know that´s a bit vague, but we haven´t quite decided where to live yet... Granny lives in the Lagoa area and we do love it, but as my husband will be staying in the UK at least for the first year, I´d like to be somewhere close to other expats and a bigger place...

Any tips really about anything are appreciated...:) We live in the UK, but are Nordic and I also feel half-German having lived there for about 10 years. And if you have any tips for jobs, these are also welcome. I may be able to continue work for my current employer from Portugal, but it´s not a given. If not, I´ll have to figure something out. Am fluent in Finnish, German and English and good Swedish too and also learning Portuguese now, so hopefully there´ll be some opportunities for someone not afraid of work. Muito obrigada for all your advise in advance! Tiina

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