Private Income Visa - Bank Requirements

Hello all. I just joined this forum today because I am considering a move to Argentina. I studied abroad there a couple years ago and loved it, and now I want to return. I am transitioning to a "work from home" arrangement at my job, so I am looking into getting a temporary visa - specifically the Residencia Temporaria - Rentista or private income visa.

I believe I fit all the requirements for the visa, but I am confused as to the banking requirements. The website says that I have to show the funds are entering Argentina through a bank authorized by the Central Bank of Argentina. How do I do that? I know a couple banks like Citi and Bank of America have presences in Argentina, but they are not connected in the sense that opening a CitiBank bank account in the USA gives me a CitiBank Argentina account. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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