Electricity, Cable, Water

12/28/18 the electricity went off at 7PM, came back at 7:45 PM, missed most of the second half of a basketball game.  Woke up at 5:10 AM 12/29 to the sounds of a pig being slaughtered.  Louder then rooster and dogs.  The electricity was off again, came back on at 7:45 AM.  Could not get the cable or the internet and then at 8:15 AM the electricity was gone again until 2:30 PM, then it went out again at 5"40 PM and did not come on again until 10:20 AM on 12/30.
                We have an Electric pump to get us well water, so when the electricity goes off we have no water.  When the electricity came back on 12/30 we got no water.  The pump was broken and we could not fix it.  Wife went to see the pump people and they said they would be out to fix it on 1/3/19 at 9 AM.   Wife gave them an 8,300 pesos deposit and they never showed or contacted us on 1/3/19.  Sent them an email again.  My wife went to see them at 3PM and they could not make it today because they had a wedding.  They will try to see us 1/4/19, and if not then 1/7/19. They did not know on Monday about a wedding in 4 days?
               So since 12/30/18 it is like we took a time machine to 1994.  We have to haul water for all of our drinking, washing, cooking and toilet uses.  We used to go to Civil War reenactments, but Luzon 1994 is not much fun.

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