Resume/CV format

I am wondering if anyone has a template (or a link to one) for the German CV? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

As Germans put great emphasis into individuality, there is no such thing as "the German CV" - and if you use a known template, your application will be discarded because you obviously didn't out in enough effort.
Therefore I recommend you get a book about writing a good CV - and then write your from scratch following the advice given there. You are right that there are some Germany-specific points to keep in mind (e.g. the necessity to add a photo and to write in good, error-free German) and those will be clearly told in the book.
(Note: If you write in English, these rules do not necessarily apply.)

I have mixed feelings about what Beppi wrote. What is correct is that one cannot just simply copy something and expect it to be successful. But I don’t think a book is necessary. There is plenty of advice in the internet that gives examples which should be considered as far as formatting and design rather than content. But one can also find tips given about how to present your data to make the best impact. The German word you need to search for is “Lebenslauf”.  I am setting a link below to one such site. I am not making a personal endorsement of it; just using it as one example of what seems to be some reasonable advice. I would suggest you look at multiple sites to figure out what best fits to your personal situation.

Oh, sorry, I did not mean a book only!
Of course similar information from a webpage or other sources (there are even paid consultants for this!) is also o.k.

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