School choice for English speaking kids

Hi, all! Happy to be here and starting our Barcelona adventures. I have two school aged boys and am interested in info regarding school choices in Barcelona. We are visiting in April to scout neighborhoods and schools. Thus far I have been in contact with The English School and The Princess Margaret School. I’d love to enroll boys in a public, neighborhood school but I’m worried about making a smooth transition.

They are 7 and 11 and will be entertaining 3rd and 6th grade this next school year.

I’m going to start up Spanish lessons soon but Amy have a harder time securing Catalan lessons.

Any advice or info about schools and/or language lessons would be very appreciated.


Hello Kirstian79,

Welcome to  :)

I would suggest that you drop a free ad for languages classes in Barcelona to increase your chances of finding Catalan lessons for your children.

Good luck.



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