Buying property in koh Samui!

Hi all!

Hope everyone is well and looking forward to Christmas...

I have been coming to Thailand for many years and on my last holiday thought I’d look into the idea of purchasing property...

I was shown a villa which has just been built on a complex near the airport- 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms...  £104,000

It looks like a good deal to me but I’m aware of horror stories, I’d love to chat with other expats who have bought property over here through setting up a Thai company, does anyone have any unbiased contacts in Samui who could possibly do valuations and asses the property?

Any advice or help I could get would be fantastic...
Thanks in advance

As a Thai (with a Buddhist conscience), I recommend that you (as a foreigner) do not purchase any form of real estate property,...on any "island" location in Thailand.

And,..since you (admittedly) are aware of the horror stories, in advance, then I'm curious to know the reason of'd even consider it, the first instance?

All things (of your predecessor's experience) considered, are you just simply determined... learn a lesson?

Historically documented, and verified caveat emptor "words-to-the-wise" should suffice. :cheers:

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