US Citizen plan to marry Austrian GF—visa question.

Hi all,

My Girlfriend (Austrian, EU Citizen) and I are planning on getting married next year. My timeline is to move to Austria in June, and for us to get married sometime at the end of the Summer.

I'd like to get a 6 month visa to allow us some time to get settled (moving into a new flat, etc) before marrying... basically I don't want to move there and get married that same month... too much stress! I know I can enter for 90 days, but I also don't want to apply for the change in residency and then have to leave the country if it takes longer than a few weeks. I think a visa makes the most amount of sense to cushion our timeline.

I currently qualify for the job seekers permit (Master's degree, publications, 6 years of work experience, etc) and also the artist visa. My question is...

If I come into the country on an initial visa, get married, and then apply for a residency permit, is there any way the authorities would view it as a marriage of convenience and revoke/deny my application? I want to go about this as ethically as possible to ensure that I don't run into any problems. Basically,
can I get a 6 month visa and then marry without any possibility of problems? Thank you!!

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