Cost of living for a couple in Copenhagen


My boyfriend and I are thinking of moving to Copenhagen. We expect to earn about 35k for me (I'm an analyst) and 30k for him (he's an English teacher). So I assume we'd have about 30-33k total left after taxes. Is that a good money to live a quite relaxed life in Copenhagen? We mostly cook at home, go out usually just for a beer or coffee maybe once a week. We do not need to live in the city center as we're used to over 2hrs a day of commute to work. We'd like to go on a real vacation once a year ;)
Also, if we had a child, would this salary be acceptable? We don't need private schools and such, just to raise a happy kid in not financially strained environment :)
I'm mostly wondering how much does it cost to buy food, everyday cosmetics and stuff - I understand that we have to consider about 10-12k for an apartment, but other than that I'm pretty clueless. I will appreciate every answer :)

Hi Talaia,

You: Yearly income 420,000, single, living in Gladsaxe municipality = tax 145.064,64 kr.

Your boyfriend: income 360,000, single, living in Gladsaxe municipality = tax 120.723,36.

A rough estimate: housing 12,000 + utilities 3,000, household 4,000, commuting expenses 2,000. That will absolutely leave you enough money for insurance, vacation, child expenses etc.


Thank you very much Nellie! :)

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