Am I Applicable for the ETA?

Hello, I'm an Australian hoping to move to Canada early next year. Here's some background for my situation.

I first came to Canada as an exchange student a little under a year ago; I spent the first six months of 2018 studying abroad at the University of British Columbia. In that time I fell in love with the place, and decided that once I graduated with my degree (which is just about to happen) I would like to move back to live there in a more permanent capacity. Now obviously this would require some kind of work-related or residential visa, but I have read that as an Australian I do not need a visa for simple entry to the country, just an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).

My question is two-fold: am I still applicable for this, being someone who has already lived in Vancouver for six months? And would it be possible (or advisable) to enter through the ETA, and then apply for a work visa once I've arrived? Now that I've finished studying, I would like to be over there as quickly as possible, and I have enough money saved to last a little while as I search for work.

Thank you guys for your help - hopefully my questions are clear.

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