Visa 18 transfer to visa 14

Good morning.

I’m visa 18 in a governmental file, for an emergency I have to leave the country next week, i’ve Already resigned.
My company told me that Instead to cancel my visa because it will take long they will transfer my visa to visa 14 and then when I will leave the country my visa will be cancelled automatically.
And they also say that when I leave the country I have to inform them so they can go to cancel my work permit so afterwards I can do wathever, so I will be free to return here with a new sponsor.

My questions are:

Is it true that the procedure to cancel a visa 18 from governamental file Take such long time?

what assurance do I have that They will cancel my work permit? Otherwise I can’t get a new sponsor

Anyway my id is going to expire on 5 January 2019, when my residency will expire automatically my work permit will be canceled in case my company don’t make it before?

Please waiting your advices ASAP.

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